Air Filter Recommendation tool

This tool helps recommend how many of a particular model of portable air cleaner at what fan speed will be required to meet current recommendations for total airflow for a given room size or occupancy to reduce the risk of transmission of respiratory viruses like SARS-CoV-2 in poorly ventilated indoor spaces.

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Choosing the right device(s) depends on the amount of noise that would be comfortably tolerated given the room's existing ambient noise level and space available to fit multiple devices. For example, in quiet rooms where additional noise is less tolerable, multiple devices operating at quieter, low speeds may be preferable to a single device running at a louder, high speed. Additionally, multiple devices spaced around a room will likely result in better distribution of filtration.

The database includes air cleaners using HEPA 13 filters. If reliable data or estimates on the clean air delivery rate (CADR) for small particles (Smoke, 0.1-1 microns) is available for devices using filters below HEPA 13 efficiency, these have been included. Devices that have electronic cleaning features such as ionisation, plasma, ultraviolet light, and photocatalytic oxidisation have been excluded or their presence made apparent.

No guarantees can be provide on the accuracy of manufacturer claims on features or performance, nor provide reliable estimates of annual filter costs that rely on characteristics on the filter and environment in which it will be used. Improving indoor air quality with better ventilation and filtration helps reduce the risk of transmission, but cannot eliminate risk completely. The use of well-fitted masks, distancing, and limiting exposure time in poorly ventilated environments are important components of risk reduction.

Full dataset is available here. Github repository here. Australian data source Pieter Peach, initial US data source Marwa Zaatari, initial UK data source Stefan Stojanovic

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